The Universal Pf Corrector Unit (UPFC from here on) works on the base of Parallel Installation (PIB). The Product very much improves efficiency to control and stabilize the "Current Wave Form", and prolongs the life of the Electrical/Electronic working gadgets. Fundamentally, by installing proper calculated percentage of UPFC devices extracted from the contract demand load, the Poor lagging power factor can be lead by required %, leading to very much helpful reduction of Kvarh consumption.

We are sure our Product will bring convenience and comfort to your life. Electric power is an essential part of our modern life. We should not tolerate the electric power resources being wasted without results, the expenditure lessen obviously. Saving money, saving money means earning money! By installing our UPFC Joys come forward to you by heart, do not forget to save the electricity – Our product brings you much happiness!

Due to…. Various factors, the electricity wastage and the expenditure of electric charge increase greatly, and the life span of the electrical appliances shorten. The basic speculation of the UPFC is to let the customers have a stable work electric voltage, and in effect, prolong the life span of the electric appliances.

To offer an accurate and stable electric voltage for loading, to promote the quality of the power supply, to reduce the chances of electric appliances getting "fever", prolonging the life span of the electric appliances, reducing the maintain cost, etc. Promoting the power factor can save the feel of adjusting the interest rate of the power supply,

Increasing the capacity of using the system equipment can retard the pressure of the switch of circuit. Installing is convenient. It saves electricity, in effect saving money for the customer every minute, every second after installation.